My friend declan sent me some options for my about page. 

And my friend mina sent me some photo options for my about page.

Pick ya fav and go with that one. 

Say hello at

OPT #1

Hey, I’m Alex.
No, I don’t have something in my teeth.
Yes, I am looking for a job.

(maybe this one comes with a photo of you with a big smile and an arrow pointing to your teeth that says ‘it’s just a gap’)
OPT #2

Kia ora.
My bad, wrong country.
I live in the UK now.
And I need a job.
OPT #3

I really don’t like writing about me.
So I’m not gonna.
OPT #4

Why are you here?!
Go back to my work section!!
OPT #5

Hola, I’m Alex.
I’ve been a designer for 8 years.
I’ve done other stuff too.
But I know you’re not here to hear about that.
Which is a relief really.
Because writing this is not fun.
Thankfully now, it’s done. 


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